COVID-19 Updates & State Guidelines

  • A 6-foot social distancing guideline will be enforced in all common areas and masks or face coverings will be required.
  • We will be increasing sanitation of common areas and high touch areas.
  • It is expected that guests will practice CDC guidelines around COVID-19
  • We will be providing bleach bottles in common areas for increased sanitation before and after your use.

We appreciate your help in keeping everyone safe

Construction is underway for a new Middle School adjacent to Up the Creek Campground - this is a fantastic thing for our community and youth!  Please be advised that there may be construction noise, dust and other disturbances that are out of our control.


We are a tiny, cozy Urban Campground located right in the bustling town of Moab. We are nestled within a grove of large shade trees, beautiful landscaping and next to a cool perennial stream. (Please keep in mind that if you are coming in the early spring, there will not be foliage or flowers yet and camp will look more bare than the website photos! Also, note that the creek's flow is variable throughout the year.)

We are just 2 blocks off of the Main street, close to shopping, restaurants and the bike/walking path. We are a self check-in, (no onsite office), tent-only, walk-in only (park and walk in), campground. (No cars in camp, no camping in parking lot allowed.)

Sites are primarily rocky and/or bare ground, with a perimeter of watered lawn. We are in camp 3+ times a day to check, clean, mow, etc. If you don't see us, but you need and leave a message, email, or put a note in the post that we check 3x a day.

We have clean bathhouses with hot showers (closed daily from 11-1) and an outdoor sink for dishes. There is a picnic table at each site, and 3 communal propane BBQ grills.

Sorry, but no campfires, propane fire rings or open flame allowed. Camp stoves are fine! Sorry, no dogs.

Our sites are small and can only accommodate 1 family size tent (7-12' wide max) or 2 if they are small, 2-3 man backpack size (6' wide max.). Sites are limited to 4 people so larger parties may require 2 sites.

Due to our small size, this camp is not recommend for children under 3.

COVID-19 Cancellation policy Effective 5/1/2020

Reservations made after May 1st, 2020 will now fall under our COVID-19 policy.  Any reservation made prior to May 1st, 2020 will be held to our previous policies. Our COVID-19 Cancellation Policy has been created to provide flexible travel plans for you during these ever changing times while providing our business the stability it needs to continue operation. We are now only offering camp credit- for the full amount paid - to be used to rebook through 10/31/21 (if cancelled 5 days prior to check in). We will no longer issue cash or credit refunds for cancellations, regardless of reason or fault including:  if we deem the risk of contact too high, sickness, transportation disruptions and cancellations; travel advisories and restrictions; health advisories and quarantines; changes to applicable law; and other government mandates—like evacuation orders, border closures, prohibitions on short-term rentals, and shelter-in-place requirements.   Your safety is our top priority; we reserve the right to cancel with limited notice due to evolving circumstances, without a cash/credit refund. Please be advised, that whatever amount you choose to pay, will only be credited as camp credit in the event of a cancellation.


A deposit is required to reserve a campsite.  The minimum deposit is the cost of the first nights stay per site. No sites will be held without a deposit. The full amount of your stay can be paid at anytime, but is due prior to setting up on the day you arrive. Please be advised, that whatever amount you choose to pay, will be available to you as camp credit in the event of a cancellation.

Cancellation policy

Please be advised that we are no longer issuing cash or credit refunds.  We are however, offering camp credit to rebook for a later date.

If notice is received by 12pm MST 5 days prior to arrival:  A camp credit will be given for the total amount of your payment. Camp Credit will be good through 10/31/21

If notice is received less than 5 days prior to arrival: Complete forfeit of payment and no camp credit option.

If the cancellation is on behalf of Up The Creek Campground, we will give as much notice as possible and will issue a camp credit for the total amount of your payment. Camp credit will be good through 10/31/21.

Change policy

Changes are defined as any request to change dates, number of days/nights, number of people, number of sites or number of tents. Refunds will not be given for a decrease in numbers or dates, we will offer a camp credit if the change is received 5 days prior to check in.

1st change request:  Free

Additional change requests received 5 days prior to arrival:  $10 service fee

Additional change requests received less than 5 days prior to arrival:  May not be granted or will be charged additional fees.

Canvas Tents

We will not be offering our Canvas Tents until further notice.


We are no longer accepting group reservations of 10 people or more. This includes group reservations for 3 or more campsites.

Sorry, but campsites are non-transferable!

Camp Etiquette Agreement

You have PAID IN FULL, prior to setting up your camp and have read the rules. (You can pay any balance due at the post or online.)

Check-in/Quiet hrs.

Check-in is at 12:00 noon and Check-out is 11:00 am. The bath house is closed for cleaning from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Plan accordingly! Quiet hours in camp are from 10:00pm to 6:00am. Consider the many nearby places you can go if you want to stay up late, as a courtesy to your neighbors.

About Us

We are an Urban Camp! Local noise includes but is not limited to; trucks, cars, motorcycles, 4X4’s, school bells, marching bands and perhaps even a parade! We are self-check in (no onsite office or staff), walk in and tent only. We are in camp 3+ times a day to check, clean, mow, etc. If you don't see us, but you need something or have a problem, call and leave a message, email, or put a note in the post that we check 3x a day.

Campsite & Grass

Your tent and equipment must fit and be set up between the camp dividers and NOT ON THE GRASS. Set up left of, or behind your table. To preventing getting wet from the automatic sprinklers, your tent and equipment must be set up at least 2 feet from the edge of the grass. You can lounge on the grass, but when you leave camp, remove chairs, etc. or it will get wet!

Camp Tables and Site Use

Do not move the picnic tables, as they are chained down. Each camp table is numbered for that site. No cleaning, repairing or working on bicycles and/or motors on the picnic tables. No Motorcycles are allowed in the camp area for any reason. All motor vehicles and trailers must be in parking lot. No exceptions!

Nature and The Environment

This is the desert! We have rocks, sand, dirt, sun, heat, cold, rain, wind, etc. Most campgrounds in the city area of Moab have the same desert aspects as we do; the difference is our close proximity to downtown. You are camping! Be prepared for bugs, insects, ants, spiders, Cottonwood beetles, caterpillars, lizards, deer, cotton from the trees, etc. Leaving food out or unsecured, attracts bugs and Ravens. Ravens are smart, they will wait until you leave and will get into everything except zippered tents, closed coolers and locked cars, (at least thus far)! Plan accordingly. No dogs allowed in camp or parking lot.

Policies for reservations made prior to 5/1/20